For wrist coach arm bands of all brands and all sizes. Creates the cards that lets the coach quickly, effectively and securely communicate with players on the field.

Without his guidance WristPlays would not have been possible. | James 1:5 | Colossians 3:23

As with most things WristPlays was born out of necessity. I coach a youth baseball team and had heard about the wrist coach arm bands. I researched the options available for creating cards to use and came up with too few options and too much cost as all I could find were websites that wanted to charge me a monthly fee.

Another issue was with a friend I have, that played Major League ball. He didn’t like the idea of forgoing the conventional signals used in baseball and I soon found that many agree with him.

What came from all of this was options, options and more options. With WristPlays you can call signals out loud or you can signal with a conventional sign. You can use numbers, colors and conventional signs to customize the way your make calls. You can choose to have 25 to 150 plays on a single card. You set the size of the card so any wrist coach arm band will work. You can create cards for Pitchers, where the catcher wears the arm band and looks to you for the call. You can create Offensive cards that allow you to signal bunts, steals, hit & runs or a fake call where the batter simply swings away. We even have a Defensive card that allows those that want, to use the cards to call shifts, picks without giving the other team a clue to what’s up.

WristPlays was what I needed so that is what I created. I’m sure it will work for you and best of all you own the app so there are no monthly fees that come with website solutions.

Own the App!

There are many websites that will rent you the service that creates the cards but why rent when you can now own the app.


How to print from your iPad:

There are three main options to printing with your iPad.

One is to get an ‘AirPrint’ compatible printer. If you have one of these chances are you aren’t reading this section of our FAQs.

The second is to find an app created by the manufacturer of your printer. Some of these are easy to setup and understand and others are more difficult. I have a brother printer and their app does a great job. The cards and coaches sheets our app creates are in pdf format. This allows you to open them in another app that will print them.

The third option, at least by our count, is to get a third party software that you can install on your Mac or PC that will allow your iPad to route printing through your Mac or PC. The software makes your Mac or PC visible to the iPad like it were an AirPrint printer. Even though I have the app for my printer I also purchased a 3rd party solution called ‘Printopia’. There are many other options but I liked the way it works and I was also able to test it before buying.

If you still need help with printing your best option is to Google or Bing for a solution related to your specific printer. If all else fails contact us and we will help you find an answer.

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